vehicle tracking

In this industry since 2002, we understand what makes a great vehicle tracking system because we have helped create the concept. For many businesses, a fleet management system is an essential tool to drive down costs and improve efficiency. Our solutions are trusted because of their reliability and accuracy; it’s that simple.  We have thousands of trackers installed in our customers’ fleets and yet one of the quietest customer service departments in any business – 100% server uptime for the last 7 years certainly helps. Yet our attentive team are still always quick and ready to offer support when required.


If your vehicle is stolen or maybe on hire and not returned, the ability to immobilise can save a lot of time and resource. We give you the ability to be alerted if a vehicle moves when it shouldn’t, and immobilise it on it’s next ignition off – giving you or the police time to rectify whatever situation before it’s too late.

Driver behaviour and impact alerts

With league tables and alerts for speeding and scores based on harsh braking, harsh acceleration and cornering, reducing your fleets maintenance bills is a real possibility. Knowing if and when a vehicle has been involved in a collision allows rapid reaction times and reduces any downtime.

Unlimited multi-point geofencing

Another ‘standard’ feature. Fence your customers, suppliers or any useful zone. The system reports and/or alerts on every visit, duration and zone breach (in or out). Perfect for accurate invoicing, reducing customer queries, monitoring start and end times of jobs and dozens of other practical applications.

Live turn-by-turn tracking

Our system gives extremely accurate trails with turn-by-turn tracking. Forget two minute or sixty second tracking. If you want accurate journey replays, mileage reporting and odometer readings, you need turn-by-turn. Our solution can be used for mileage figure reporting as your driver’s route is mapped accurately when replayed.

Map showing the turn by turn capabilities of the Simplytrak system


Alerts from the vehicle tracking system can be easily configured by your fleet manager. Automatically alerting for impacts, you can also be warned about MOT, vehicle tax, insurance or any service intervals. Reminders can be sent from the system to prompt of urgent actions required. This reduces the risk of downtime and any unwanted repairs that may come up which can disrupt operations. The system can help with optimising planning too as fleet managers are able to assign tasks whenever they are alerted to an idle vehicle and schedule jobs when needed.

Google mapping system

Simplytrak use Google Maps for familiarity and routing. However, we also use four other suppliers for road names and speed limits to ensure all locations are accurately labelled and identified in the system. Traffic disruption can be viewed on screen and sent to the driver to maximise productivity.

Full reporting suite

There are range of fully-customisable reports that you can use to gain a greater insight in to your fleet from driver behaviour to out of hours usage. The reports are available in a range of formats including PDF, Excel, XML and HTML.

Maintenance, service, MOT reminders

Whether serviced and maintained by mileage or time, Simplytrak can remind you with simple alerts to prompt you to book in work. MOT’s, insurance or other configurable warnings are all part of the standard offering.

5-year historical playback

Our secure Simplytrak servers hold a record of your vehicle’s movement from the moment the units are installed until years after the vehicle has left the fleet. This means that your driver’s activities can be accounted for at any date and can be viewed on demand by you.

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