Depot showing lots of white delivery vans parked up


Geofencing is simply the ability to draw a fence on-screen on our maps and then use this to be alerted of relevant events. It may be start and stop times, visits to a certain site, banned areas, customer or supplier premises or any other area that you choose. With an unlimited number of geofences to go at, use this feature as much as you like.

Reports and alerts can then be set up to warn or report on every visit, every breach of the fence (in or out), arrival/departure times, vehicle returns or whatever suits your particular operation.

The number of geofences that are able to be set up within the system are unlimited; if there is an area of interest to your business this tool can be key to ensuring that you are alerted to any of the triggers set up on the system. Our team of experts will be with you to help support your business, providing any of the necessary training required so that all the correct reports and areas are set up.

Whether you choose to geofence the congestion charge zone or an individual building; your customers/suppliers depots and offices; the UK’s ports or any other area, unlimited polygonal geofencing is a really useful tool for any fleet manager.

Map showing geofence around London

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