Tractor cutting crops in field

Asset Tracking

Businesses have a huge range of mobile assets out in the field. Keeping track of these assets and using them more efficiently is easy with our robust and highly accurate tracking solutions. From horseboxes and trailers to light aircraft and generators you can view your assets movements in real-time, giving you peace of mind that your assets are working for you and located where they are meant to be. For non-powered assets, we offer various sizes of battery depending if you need a long or short life span to track your assets. Batteries can be rechargeable for assets that connect to power periodically, or long life for those that don’t. These units can even sleep and be woken by movement sensors.

Our systems have the capability to allow you to manage multiple assets at any one time. You can also replay your assets positions as they are viewed on our historical mapping software, with all the regular features that you would expect from a world leader in market tracking and monitoring solutions.

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