Do Your HGV’s Enter London?

The experts in DVS and PSS

The experts in DVS and PSS

TFL's October deadline

London’s DVS (driver vision system) is adding the PSS (progressive safety system) at midnight on 27 October 2024 as phase 2 of Vision Zero comes into effect. This will now be the minimum standard for HGV’s using London’s roads. It is the next step in the drive to achieve zero deaths or serious injuries on London’s roads by 2041.


Before 28 October 2024, all HGV’s entering London must be fully PSS compliant and registered as such via the TFL website. If they are not, you will face automatic daily fines. DVS and PSS are being discussed in other cities also and will come into force over the following months and years. It is important to be prepared now as the Simplytrak system will cover for all cities that follow Londons lead.

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    What you must have (and do) now.

    • 1 x AI MOIS Forward Facing Camera

    • 2 x AI BSIS Side Cameras

    • 1 x Central Led Display

    • 1 x Pillar Led Display

    • 1 x External Left Turn Speaker

    • 1 x Left Turn Mute Button

    • 1 x Blind Spot information Sticker

    Once fitted you must register the vehicle as compliant on the TFL website. This ensures that your vehicles will not be picked up by Transport For London’s automatic number plate recognition cameras and instant fines issued for non-compliance.


    Our modular system covers all aspects of the new legislation and ensures that your vehicles are fully compliant with both the direct vision standard and the new progressive safety safe system.

    • Forecast potential collisions by analysing the paths of the vehicle and the vulnerable road user to determine if an impact is forthcoming

    • Distinguish between objects in motion and those stationary.

    • Implement a designated alarm approach to alert about the seriousness of the scenario.

    Active Side Sensor or Blind Spot Information System (BSIS)

    Active side sensors work by indicating and alerting to possible pedestrian or cyclist/stationary object-type activity when turning, allowing the driver to avoid the collision. The sensors must create clear audible signals that alert pedestrians and cyclists to your vehicles turning manoeuvres. This addresses the number one cause of accidents when heavy goods vehicles are turning and the siren alerts road users to be aware of the turn before it happens.

    • When stationary, the system must alert the driver to VRUs in or nearing the critical front blind spot.

    • While stationary, the system must alert the driver to VRUs in or near the critical front blind spot.

    • The collision warning system should incorporate at least two modes from the following: optical signals, acoustic alerts, or haptic feedback.

    Front Detection System or Moving Off Information System (MOIS)

    It is often difficult for drivers to see a cyclist or pedestrian who has moved in front of their vehicle yet remains very close. This module detects and informs the driver of the presence of pedestrians or cyclists in close forward proximity. It must be able to avoid accidents in forward facing blind spots.

    How Simplytrak Can Help?

    Simplytrak have created a modular system creating full compliance at an affordable price. This meets all of the regulations for Oct. 2024 and allows for upgrading as future strengthening of the rules come into force in the coming years. You should remember that the progressive safety system is just one more stage in the introduction of Vision Zero legislation and further steps will come into place later. Our approach allows you to futureproof your fleet now and be ready for the steps that follow later.

    Affordable, reliable DVS with quick install times


    We install all kit at your premises and/or convenience.

    We commission and test.

    We fully warranty the equipment. Parts and labour.

    We advise on compliance and help you all the way through the process.

    Our DVS/PSS experts are on hand to help you. Simply give us a call on 01430 879197.

    Where in London is the DVS Enforceable?

    Our detailed DVS map precisely highlights the geographical boundaries within London where the Direct Vision Standard regulations are actively enforced, and where obtaining a permit is an absolute necessity by law. It’s crucial to bear in mind that these regulations are applicable to all vehicles that have a gross weight exceeding 12 tonnes. This not only applies to vehicles that are registered and operate within the UK but also extends to those vehicles making their way into London from international locations. This measure is part of a broader initiative to enhance road safety and visibility standards across London.