Remote Door Locking

Our Simplytrak Remote Door Locking feature allows for the doors to be locked and ensure any goods inside are safe, reducing the risk of theft.


Ensure the Safety of Your Vehicle & Goods

The Simplytrak door locking system is a remote safety feature designed to give users full access to unlock and lock their vehicle anywhere in the world. This is done by using signals sent from our tracking devices to the vehicles Electrical Control Unit; these signals tell the vehicle to open or close the central locking. The command can be given through a text message or via the Simplytrak portal.

Helps With Covid-19 Guidelines of Hygiene & Distance

Remote Door Looking allows the customer service team of the lease company to unlock the vehicle from the office and have zero direct contact with the client. Keys can be left in the glove box in a sealed bag, paperwork can be pre-arranged and left on the driver’s seat and the vehicle interior can be sanitised ready for a new driver.

Safety During Breakdowns

Ease of use if your vehicle breaks down and has to be left unattended. When paired with vehicle immobilisation, you have a full package of vehicle safety.

Reassurance of Vehicle & Goods

Our Simplytrak Door Locking Feature allows doors to be locked remotely ensuring the safety of any goods left inside the vehicle when not immediately secured. Remote Door Locking is useful to all kinds of customers and can be installed into almost any vehicle.

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