Driver Behaviour

Our fully-featured driver behaviour module provides evidence into unwanted driving activities.
This analysis can support your business to create a greener and more streamlined fleet.


Analyse & Compare With Simplytrak’s Scorecard

Our advanced solution allows businesses to quickly analyse and compare the driver behaviour of their employees. Fleet managers can easily monitor speeding, excess idling along with harsh braking, acceleration and cornering with the Simplytrak driver scorecard.

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Simplytrak is all about driving green and reducing your company’s carbon footprint. But economical driving is not just about the environment, it also makes great business sense too. Many fleets now use the Simplytrak scorecard and reward the leaders with incentives to driving calmer. As a byproduct this leads to safer driving, lower accident and incident numbers and reduced maintenance costs - a win all round.

Identify Unhealthy Driving Habits

This tool allows for any unhealthy driving habits to be identified that could put the drivers and company at increased risk. Downtime caused by accidents often causes much greater cost for the company than the actual accident itself.

Improve Driver Behaviour

With the Simplytrak system fleet managers can also identify if a vehicle is left idling in real-time, this may be due to the driver making a delivery or waiting to start a job. Using the detailed driver behaviour reports this data can be used to educate the team on ways to improve their driver performance - benefiting both the driver and business.

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