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Mobile workforce Tracking

Managing staff who work in multiple locations and maximising the efficiency of a mobile workforce presents many challenges. Legislation requirements, communication issues and productivity targets mean that it is critical for companies to understand what their employees are doing during paid hours (and out of hours if they have access to company assets). Proof of visits and time at locations is often critical lone worker information.

The Simplytrak system utilises personal tracking devices to help companies to improve workforce performances, reduce operating costs and complying with required policies. This helps to drive high-quality customer service in the field.

The benefits of mobile workforce tracking include:

  • Monitoring working time and identification of under-performing or under-utilised staff.
  • Identification of the nearest, suitable worker to a service requirement.
  • Reduced administration costs from automation of electronic timesheets.
  • Providing evidence for dispute resolution e.g. proof of delivery.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved job scheduling and fitting in more jobs per day.
  • Improved quotation accuracy from better understanding of cost of sale and service delivery.
  • Increased visibility of worker activities and locations.
  • Improved planning to create more efficient routes, maximise working time and reduce travel costs.
  • Improved communication with mobile workers.

Lone Worker Protection & Security

Maintaining contact with employees, knowing their whereabouts and providing them with a mechanism to raise an alarm are all key requirements for complying with Health and Safety, Duty of Care and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

The Simplytrak system helps customers meet these requirements by:

  • Providing staff with additional protection and security.
  • Providing lone workers with a lifeline when they most need it.
  • Monitoring staff behaviour, identification of potential danger and implementation of policies to remove risk.
  • Reassurance for staff that the employer is complying with its obligations.
  • Encouragement for staff to focus on revenue generating activities.
  • Proof of legislation compliance.
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