Lone worker, working on cutting branches up a tree

Lone Worker Tracking

The Simplytrak lone worker tracking solution is affordable, discrete and easy to use. Our system is used by lone workers in a huge range of different industries such as social care, leaflet distribution, security and field sales environments and many more. We have designed the system to be able to effectively monitor your workforce and offer protection, whatever the industry. With the use of our accurate, portable and rechargeable GPS tracker enabling uninterrupted monitoring of your workforce.

Protection for your lone workers

Our lone worker tracking solution allows you to protect your employees while they are out in the field, allowing a member of staff’s location to be identified quickly and accurately. The small portable personal tracker includes a ‘panic’ button and ‘call me now’ button offering peace of mind to the worker and management team as an alert can be triggered within seconds.

Real-time location and historical playback

The system offers the capabilities to track where the worker is in real-time and has a historical playback tool that will map the exact location of where the worker has been at any point throughout their shift.  This information can then be used for assistance in queries from customers that are awaiting a delivery or if there are any discrepancies about the worker’s location or route taken.


Detailed reports can be viewed within the Simplytrak system or exported as a time record of how long the worker has spent at each location throughout their working day. This eliminates the need for the worker to record the length of time at a particular job and means that billing a customer is quick and always accurate.

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