Practical Car and Van Rental enters exclusive agreement with telematics provider Simplytrak for over 4000 vehicles

Press release — Market Weighton, 22 October 2019

East Yorkshire-based Simplytrak, a fleet management and remote tracking solutions provider, is pleased to announce its preferred supplier status for Practical Car and Van Rental’s 4000-strong vehicle fleet.

Simplytrak offers a cutting-edge vehicle tracking system with integrated cameras and live footage of incidents. The telematics solution offers in-depth fleet reports for those that wish to monitor vehicles for driver behaviour, mileage and fuel usage amongst other options.

Simplytrak offers fleet managers the ultimate control over their vehicles with Simplytrak’s Remote Immobilisation option which can de-mobilise vehicles with the click of a button.

Ian Wood, Simplytrak’s Managing Director, comments, “We are delighted that Practical Car and Van Rental have chosen us as their preferred supplier of tracking solutions. Having spent a lot of time with our customers, we recognised the need for more visibility and control of their vehicles. Our Tracking solution and Remote Immobilisation feature gives fleet managers that ultimate control of their vehicle, increasing safety and reducing costs.”

Practical Car and Van Rental is the UK’s fourth largest rental company with over 150 car and van hire locations situated throughout the UK and Ireland. The fleet comprises of over 4000 vehicles in total.
Darren Williamson, Practical’s Insurance Manager, states, “Simplytrak are rated very highly within the marketplace for their products. They came to us with a solution that works for our franchise network. A lot of franchisees on the network are already using Simplytrak’s service and have returned with very good reviews. It allows us to give back control to the franchisees.”
Simplytrak has developed telematics solutions for its clients since 2002 and continues to stay cutting-edge and bespoke at the same time.

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About Simplytrak
At Simplytrak our purpose is to improve fleet management by providing smarter and easier solutions that boost performance, reduce costs and increase safety. We have been developing bespoke, cutting-edge remote tracking, management software and camera solutions for our clients since 2002. Based in East Yorkshire we serve clients in 37 different countries on five continents. Our out-standing customer-service ensures that our clients get the best out of the products they purchase with us. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted partner that can adapt to your fleet’s changing requirements, Simplytrak is your supplier of choice.
01430 879197

About Practical:
Practical Car & Van Rental U.K. is the fourth largest vehicle rental company in the United Kingdom with over 150 car and van hire locations situated throughout the U.K. in England, Wales, Scotland and the Irish Republic. We have over 25 years experience of self drive hire and pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service, quality rental vehicles and highly competitive rates. Book online at, or call us on 0121 7728599

About Simplytrak’s Telematics Solution:
Simplytrak’s onboard tracking systems, installed by a qualified engineer, collect key data points related to the vehicle, such as location, distance, stop times, fuel consumption, idling time, hard breaking, etc. The data collected is transmitted to Simplytrak’s secure AWS servers in real-time. Simplytrak’s software organises all the raw data into easily digestible and presentable reports for the end-user (Software as a Service – SaaS). The data presented allows fleet managers to oversee and improve vehicle and driver performance, usage and operations.

Press contact:
Marina Gaines
Marketing and Communications Manager
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