Mission Statement

To be the best remote asset tracking and monitoring company in the world, saving companies money, time and helping them work more efficiently.

About Simplytrak and asset tracking

Simplytrak systems have been designed with your profits in mind utilising various applications to help you achieve a more efficient and profitable business. With the ability to improve administrative functions such as the checking of timesheets or more accurate invoicing as well as ways to improve customer care and reduce complaints your business is certain to benefit from a Simplytrak system. Ultimately it makes fleet management easier, whether this is knowing when the next delivery is coming in or simply finding the nearest engineer for a customer; any company that needs to know the location of its mobile assets and personnel should consider Simplytrak services.

Simplytrak are proud to offer complete systems that enable you to track, monitor and protect your assets and personnel. Additionally, implementation of the Simplytrak system simplifies compliance issues with the Working Time Directive and your employer’s Duty of Care. It does this by giving you vital information on exactly where and how your people are being utilised – protecting your staff and protecting you.

Our History

Entering the asset tracking industry in 2001, Simplytrak are now one of the longest established companies in the entire business. From this time onwards we have worked towards building a large portfolio of satisfied clients. Simplytrak solutions have been utilised to optimise the operations of hundreds of customers, protecting assets in their thousands all across Europe and the world.

Since 2004 we have expanded our range of products to include GPS tracking solutions that have applications besides the tracking of vehicles.

This illustrious history has created a company that is now a leading provider of asset tracking solutions. Simplytrak today offer a greater range of specialist tracking products than any other provider in Europe.

We currently are proud to sell into 37 countries on 5 continents and continue to expand.

Business Description

Simplytrak provide complete systems for asset tracking, monitoring and protecting mobile assets. We are also very active in the monitoring of static assets and relaying of performance data (M2M). Simplytrak systems are developed entirely in-house and are used by companies who need to know where their vehicles, mobile workforce or mobile assets are at any given time and where they have been and how they are being used. Our generator monitoring system can be installed on almost any generator in the world to relay its current performance and monitor its servicing requirements to a web-based interface. Simplytrak make the invisible, visible.

Simplytrak Today

Customers and Markets

Simplytrak customers are typically organisations that deploy large mobile workforces – such as logistics companies, utility companies and local authorities. At present, approximately 30% of Simplytrak business is derived from the public sector where it has a successful track record in winning business through open tenders from councils and Governments.

Simplytrak currently has over 3000 unique customers, which include UPS, Chevron, Derby City Council, City of York Council, HM Prisons and Shell Oil.


The markets and industries, which Simplytrak serve, span a broad spectrum of business disciplines:

  • Corporate fleets (Mobile Sales Forces)
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
  • Couriers
  • Taxis and Car Hire
  • Emergency Services
  • Banking, Finance, Leasing, Car Hire and Insurance
  • Utilities and Energy (water, gas, electric, telecoms)
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering & Construction
  • Building Services
  • Forestry, Estate Management and Landscaping
  • Environmental Services
  • Quarrying
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Marine (inland and ocean going)
  • Freight, shipping and ports
  • Security & Surveillance Services
  • Plant Hire
  • Aviation
  • Health Services

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