Q&A With Tonicha Grist

We love to support our team’s career progression. After joining Simplytrak in 2021 as an Office Administrator, Tonicha Grist is starting a new role as Account Manager!


Hey Tonicha! Congratulations on starting your new role. 

  1. When did you start working for Simplytrak? 

I started working here in April 2021, so more than a year ago now! 

  1. What made you apply? 

It looked like a role I could see myself doing and I could see a lot of opportunity for progression within the company. Simplytrak had so many factors that I love about it and I could see myself fitting in really well. 

  1. What are you most excited about for your new role? 

More responsibility and being even busier! I love constantly having something on the go, and working with new people in the team. As much as I do work with everybody, there are some people I currently work closer with than others, so it will be great to work closer with other members of the team. 

  1. How does your new role of Account Manager differ from your position of Office Administrator? 

The new role I’m going into as Account Manager will be a lot more client based, so working purely with clients rather than our engineers like I do now. I’ll be going out on the road and meeting with them, sorting out all of their accounts. Currently I’m booking in their jobs and getting everything organised day to day, rather than general client management. 

  1. What is your favourite part of your role? 

Definitely the team I work with, we all get on so well so it’s a privilege to work with them all. Also building relationships with clients and engineers, you don’t feel like you’re working, it’s like you’re chatting with friends all day. I also love how busy I am, I thrive being constantly on the go and there’s always something to do, always something to improve or help people with. 

  1. What do you like about working at Simplytrak? 

Definitely the team, everyone is willing to help. We always have a laugh and a joke too! As much as you can be hard at work, it’s easy just to have a little catch up and chat. If your workload is hectic everyone is willing to jump in and help. Also, just the company in general – there are loads of benefits to working here like the share option scheme and company days out. 

  1. What new skills have you learnt that will help you in your new role? 

Time management – using your diary to the fullest! I never really used to use a diary, but now using it to book everything in or setting myself blocks out to work on certain things ensures I can prioritise certain tasks. Being a lot more client focused too, I would say that’s definitely a skill to have, to approach people in difficult situations.

  1. How has Simplytrak progressed during your time here? 

We’ve expanded massively since I joined in April 2021. We have a lot more clients now and in terms of products we’re a lot more established. We’re also attending a lot more events such as the British-Irish Airports Expo coming up on 22-23rd June!

  1. Who inspires you in the company and why? 

Everyone in our team inspires me. There’s so many different aspects of everyone that inspire me, so I couldn’t really choose a specific person. 

  1. Are there any exciting projects you can tell us about?

We have lots of things in store so keep your eyes peeled! 

Thanks Tonicha, we can’t wait to see what’s coming up!

Hey Eamonn, you’ve nearly been with Simplytrak for ten years! Let’s have a chat about your career progression… 

  1. So, when did you start working for Simplytrak? 

I started working here in November 2012.

  1. How did you initially come across Simplytrak and what made you apply? 

It was actually recommended to me when the company offices first opened here in the East Riding. I called Andrew Johnson, the founder, got an interview the next day and started the job the day after! I haven’t looked back since.

  1. What does your role here involve? 

I’m a Technical Operations Manager. My team and I make sure everything runs smoothly from the first contact with our clients, to installation of software and hardware through to the maintenance of trackers and other telematics solutions. 

  1. How has your role progressed since you started working here?

I started here as IT Tech Support, mainly focusing on customer service. I grew to know the products more and moved to Product Development where I stayed for a few years and was then promoted to Operations Manager. 

  1. What is your favourite part of your role?

It’s got to be the team work we have. We bounce off each other really well, we work hard and all chip in with each other – but we enjoy it at the same time. It’s driven by Ian Wood, our Managing Director. He promotes a really great working environment and always makes the working day fun.

  1. What do you like about working at Simplytrak?

It’s definitely the best company I’ve worked for. It was a smaller company when I started and even through the immense growth we’ve still got that family feel. 

  1. How has Simplytrak progressed during your time here? 

It’s really grown. We’ve put a lot of processes in place since I first started. Compared to ten years ago everything has moved onto digital. Being involved with that has been something I’ve really enjoyed. The number of products and solutions we offer has grown as well.

  1. Who inspires you in the company and why? 

I would say our founders Andrew and Alison Johnson. The way they have grown Simplytrak and its sister companies is really inspiring. 

  1. What’s it like working with the Simplytrak team?

It’s great, we all work really well together. We work hard and the days are crazy busy, but we always finish the day happy and knowing we have had a great day with everybody in the office. 

  1. Are there any exciting projects you can tell us about?

We have been working on our product innovation SimplySecure for the past year or so. We were approached by the world’s largest courier company to help them find a solution to make their deliveries more secure.They found that their delivery vans and goods were particularly at peril at the point of delivery. With SimplySecure we developed a solution that gets rid of opportunist vehicle theft altogether. Simplytrak has always been a pioneer in security solutions. For instance, we’ve developed remote immobilisation as a solution for our clients. It enables them to shut off their vehicles remotely in the case of theft or unauthorised use. Our camera telematics solutions are exciting as well as they are ever evolving. Our clients are able to integrate cameras and analytics with their fleet tracking allowing them to record events such as collisions for evidence, risk management and security.

  1. What would you say to someone who was considering coming to work here?

Do it, because it’s fun! The working atmosphere Ian promotes is amazing. We work hard and we enjoy doing it. We also socialise and meet a lot outside of work as well, my work mates are also my mates. I would advise anybody to give Simplytrak a go. 

Thanks Eamonn, you are an asset to the Simplytrak team!