SimplySecure your Christmas Deliveries!

With Christmas just around the corner, more internet orders are being placed than ever before. Which means that even more delivery drivers are on the roads than usual to hopefully deliver everyone’s presents in time for Christmas!


With Christmas just around the corner, more internet orders are being placed than ever before. Which means that even more delivery drivers are on the roads than usual to hopefully deliver everyone’s presents in time for Christmas!

SimplySecure by Simplytrak is a bespoke solution designed to remove the risk of the increasing numbers of opportunist thefts within the courier and delivery industries. It was designed in association with Amazon Delivery Service Providers and is in use across an increasing number of courier fleets now. Regardless of whether you are the world’s biggest parcel delivery company or a straightforward one-man owner driver, SimplySecure is the solution for you. Created to be both a driver training tool and, more substantively, a bulletproof security measure, the system makes busy courier vehicles impossible to steal.

The RAC state that since 2016 approximately 43,000 vans have been stolen – which works out at a whopping 24 vans per day in the UK alone! That was a major insurance risk that urgently needed addressing. Which is where Simplytrak came in.

Many of the vans in the RAC statistics will belong to the parcel delivery industry and the loss extends to much more than the vehicle itself. The average courier vehicle contains between £20K and £30K of parcel value when commencing its rounds. Which also means £20k-£30K of parcels needing reprovisioning and redelivering which is a colossal waste of resource across the board. Insurance for couriers was due to increase dramatically unless this is quickly addressed. Step up SimplySecure.

Delivery vans are always at their most vulnerable during routine parcel drops. Drivers, faced with ever shorter times to park and hand over the goods to customers, run to doorways often leaving the keys in the vehicle. Opportunists jump in and drive the vehicle short distances before offloading the goods into another van to ensure that onboard tracking devices are of little use in deterring these sort of crimes. The value of the goods often far exceeding the value of the vans.

Taking these parameters into account Simplytrak decided to create a solution to resolve this once and for all.

Once installed by Simplytrak engineers, the SimplySecure device will auto-immobilize the vehicle if a door is opened whilst the keys are left in the ignition – in any position, engine running or otherwise. In such an instance, the hazard lights will flash, and the horn will sound and the vehicle cannot be started or moved. This method is a major deterrent to potential thieves as it draws instant attention to the vulnerable vehicle. However, this is also a very effective driver training tool with drivers needing to call in to their office to have the vehicle re-mobilized and receive a ticking off by the dispatcher/fleet manager. The drivers quickly learn to avoid an awkward call to the office and the danger of vehicle and parcel theft rapidly dissolves. If, however, the driver successfully follows the correct procedure, removing the keys every time before opening the door, the vehicle will stay active and their delivery schedule can remain on track.

But SimplySecure doesn’t stop there. The vehicle can also be immobilized remotely from the office with the click of a button and can, for owner drivers, be reactivated using a vehicle specific sequence of actions advised of at the time of install. In addition, the solution also offers a fully suite tracking and reporting solutions with real time vehicle information and turn by turn updates. This also allows the operations team to actively monitor a fleet of vehicles and assess/address any issues that arise making for an extremely efficient operation.

As a result of installing the SimplySecure system, companies can often see a reduction within their insurance policy due to the added level of vehicle security (prices will vary with providers) and insurance premiums kept in check by minimizing claims.

SimplySecure is also designed to work for any company that carries goods in the back of the vehicles:

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Simplytrak – saving Christmas once again.  

01. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Often, vehicle theft occurs due to opportunists spotting a ‘vulnerable vehicle’. Avoid leaving items such as wallets, mobile phones and luggage on display. If your vehicle has a portable navigation device, remove it from the windscreen and make sure to wipe away the suction marks left by the mount. If you tend to hide items under the seat or glove compartment, chances are someone could have seen you, try to take items with you where possible or place them in the boot of the vehicle before making your journey.

02. Park Your Vehicle Responsibly

Recent data from Co-op Insurance revealed that nine of the ten hotspots for car crime in the UK are located in the capital, including the exclusive borough of Kensington and Chelsea. With this, it’s important you choose your parking space smartly. Search for areas that are well lit with high footfall. Even opportunists won’t take the risk for a small reward if they believe they are being watched.

03. Lock Doors And Windows

This may seem obvious, but always ensure both doors and windows are locked. It doesn’t matter if you’re popping to the shop or parked outside your own home, its a simple prevention method that could go a long way. If your vehicle has a sunroof, ensure this is closed too, and if your drive a convertible, close the soft-top.

04. Install A Tracker

Technology plays a vital role in keeping your pride and joy safe. The use of vehicle trackers has fast become the most successful way of monitoring and securing your vehicle or fleet. Simplytrak can pinpoint your vehicle to the exact location, whilst in a remote location and have quickly become one the market leaders in automotive security with our excellent solutions and features. Our vehicle tracking system comes with standard features that enable you to drive down costs and improve efficiency. We also offer immobilisation features and cameras to increase vehicle and driver security.

05. Simplytrak’s Driver Training System – SimplySecure

Vehicle theft using the keys will negate your insurance. Simplytrak’s new SimplySecure system aims to prevent fleet drivers from ever leaving the keys in the ignition, even during quick drops. Whenever the driver’s door is opened with the keys still in the ignition, the horn will sound, hazard lights will flash and the vehicle is instantly immobilised. The vehicle cannot be stolen. To mobilise the vehicle again, the driver must contact head office who are able to re-mobilise the vehicle remotely.

SimplySecure Uses TurnKey Technology To:

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In line with commercial van thefts were 3513 reported tool thefts. Cambridge, Staffordshire, South Yorkshire were the hardest hit places. This figure is up 8% from 2017 – 2018. The theft of these tools is the backbone to people’s business, without the tools they do not make the money.

Our Business Development Manager Greg Halliday shares his key ways to protect your van contents:

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Car crime soared in the opening month of the year as a total of 375,001 vehicle incidents were recorded in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2019. January joins March, April, May and October as the top five worst months for vehicle crime but the opening month tops the list as the most prolific period.

A total of 11 percent of all vehicle crimes recorded in 2019 took place in January, according to UK police data analysed by Click4Reg.

Simple things such as removing any High Value Good from the vehicle – satnavs, money, phones, handbags or wallets will lower the chances of break ins. Here are three tips on how to further minimise the risk:

Get your vehicles tracked

Installing a dash camera is a great deterrent these days as many use motion detection, or sleep mode recording.

With the advances in GPS technology we’re able to locate assets in more remote places such as container units, warehouses and in some cases underground car parks. Taking the advantage away from the thieves. Installing a recognised branded tracking unit can save you thousands on insurance and increase the chances of having the vehicle returned.

Vehicle immobilisation 

Adding the extra option to have the vehicle remotely immobilized is a very wise choice, the user is able to text the tracker to shut off the power on the next engine off cycle, meaning the vehicle will no longer start up, until the user sends another code to re-engage on recovery of the asset. This will limit the distance the vehicle can travel after theft. Allowing the owner to set up recovery option with the local police.

Jam your key signals 

Vehicles with keyless entry / ignition will benefit from owning an RFID pouch. RFID pouches use electromagnetic fields to stop incoming and outgoing frequencies that thieves would usually use to open and get away with your vehicle.

RFID pouches are available from Amazon UK from as little as £5.”

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