Airplane flying over vehicle on the runway

Airside Incursion Mitigation

The Simplytrak AIM (Airside Incursion Mitigation) is the solution the airport industry has been looking for. Designed and trialled extensively in conjunction with UK airport operators, it is the definitive last line of defence against vehicle runway incursions in normal and LVP conditions.

This affordable solution is installed in all airside vehicles and requires no remote monitoring. Bespoke to each airport layout, the system includes visible and audible in-cab warnings and switches automatically to the new incursion boundaries in case of LVP. This effectively eliminates risk of incursions whatever the weather or light conditions.

The challenge was to come up with a system that holds the airport layout in its memory and monitors each vehicles position without outside mapping or reliance on any external technology which can cause delays. Fractions of seconds are incredibly important. The solution monitors the vehicles position multiple times a second and alerts accordingly.

Included software covers many airport compliance requirements and contains a full suite of reports, alarms and alerts to highlight potentially dangerous activity. This allows compliance officers and the tower to ensure safe operation of all airside vehicles 100% of the time.