Protect your assets. Protect your brand.

What you say on the phone to customers in the office matters. How your mobile workforce behaves represents your company too.

“Why should I have a tracking system on my fleet?”

We hear this over and over again and the answer is simple: because vehicle tracking is about ‘saving’.

Your employees are your greatest assets… but they’re also your biggest risks. They’re often the face of the company to everyone outside of the office, and the vehicles they drive are often your mobile billboards.

How they’re driven represents your brand.

Driven courteously and efficiently, they show that you care and that your brand matters. Driven too fast or recklessly, they represent irresponsibility and a ‘devil may care’ attitude of the management.

What would you think if

– a HGV or van driver sped past a school, cut you up and then displayed road rage?


– if a driver drove responsibly, let you out at a junction or roundabout and waved you on with a smile?

We might not track drivers smiles but we do report on harsh braking, cornering and rapid acceleration.

Ask any company who has used a vehicle tracking system on their fleet: they will tell you that they couldn’t live without it now. Fleet tracking has become the missing business tool you need to take back control of your fleet and your business.

Okay, so what other benefits are there of tracking our vehicles?

Where do we begin? The range of benefits a fleet manager can get from a fleet tracking system are huge. Just some examples include monitoring driver behaviour and location/route data to:

– reduce vehicle fuel consumption

– reduce administrative tasks e.g. overtime, expenses

– assist in accurate timekeeping/invoicing (reducing disputes)

– improve customer relationships

– reduce incidents and accidents and alerts of impacts

– protect your drivers following incidents

– alerts you live or by report to speeding or harsh driving incidents

– ranks your drivers on scorecards to encourage good driving behaviour

– reduction in servicing requirements

– protect your company brand

– monitor driving behaviour and educate mobile staff… the list is long.

All of these reduce operational costs within your business, and make your invisible fleet away from base become truly visible.

OK, I’m convinced so how does it work?

A GPS-enabled vehicle-tracking device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit GPS location and other data. This data is collected from the device via the GPRS network, and the data is delivered to the Simplytrak cloud-based servers. From there it is delivered to your desktop/tablet/smartphone within seconds.

This means you can access real-time data about your vehicles 24/7, including their location, direction, speed, idle time, and much more. And alerts by email, SMS or pop-up, all configurable by you. And a full suite of reports with important information to help you save money, work efficiently and ensure your business is represented in the right way. Our solution keeps your entire fleet not only visible, but also provides the data you need to optimise its performance.

With all the benefits and wealth of savings, it would be crazy not to have it.

Right then, so how much is it going to cost me?

A whole lot less than you think. With all-inclusive monthly packages, full parts and labour warranties, guaranteed system uptime and the best customer service you will find anywhere – all as standard. Vehicle tracking protects your company, your employees and increases your bottom line. We are so sure that you will love it, it comes with guarantees!

Contact us today to chat to us about a tracking package to meet your business goals.