How to keep your fleet safe from theft

As a leading supplier of remote tracking and monitoring solutions for many years (16 to be exact), we understand and are directly involved with some of the issues facing our customers’ businesses. One of the unfortunate topics that often comes up, and a real concern for our customers, is vehicle theft. A stolen vehicle can profoundly impact on their business, not just financially but in terms of efficiency and the ability to provide customer service.

Over the last decade, vehicle related theft has accounted for around one in seven crimes (between 12% and 15%)* and between 2013-2016 there was a 30% rise in vehicle theft, increasing from 65,783 incidents to 85,688 according to data from the Office for National Statistics. Conversely, it has become a decreasing priority for stretched police forces.

In order to help prevent vehicle theft there are the obvious precautions that businesses can take, ensuring your vehicle is locked, no valuables in view, park in a lit-up area, the list goes on, but here at Simplytrak we offer two great additional security features.

Firstly, to reduce the chances of a theft our vehicle tracking system can come with Driver ID. This is a unique Driver ID fob that the driver must present to a reader in the vehicle before the engine can be started. Without the fob the engine will remain immobilised. This feature alone is often enough to prevent theft of a vehicle occurring.

In the event that the vehicle is stolen our system also includes an immobilisation solution to aid in a speedy recovery of the vehicle. The immobilisation feature gives our customers added protection and peace of mind if they experience vehicle theft. The simple to use but extremely effective feature means that the vehicle can be immobilised if the vehicle is stolen and that it can be tracked and recovered quickly.

The system’s turn-by-turn tracking, with a minimum of 60 second update, means that the location is extremely precise and once found the immobilisation feature can be disabled again instantly to allow recovery, keeping disruption to a minimum.

If the vehicle is towed for any reason, without the ignition turned on, there is feature to detect this too. After 15 seconds the tracker reports locations every 5 seconds to allow accurate recovery again. No matter how your vehicle disappears, Simplytrak can find it.

Many of our customers have already benefited from our advanced security features and we have many new customers that choose us as a supplier as these features are key to their business operations. Disruption is often more expensive than the value of the vehicle alone.

We’re proud to say that so far this year we have been able to work with all of our customers who have had vehicles stolen and have a 100% recovery record in 2017.


At Simplytrak we are delighted to be able to offer our immobilisation feature as part of vehicle tracking package at no extra charge. Get in touch for a quote and you might be surprised how small the cost is, with no up-front fees, significant savings and peace of mind for your business. For more information on our fleet management system please contact Ian Wood our Business Development Manager at E: or on T: 01430879197.



* The Crime Survey for England and Wales