Thief trying to gain access to a vehicle using a small crowbar on the window


Vehicle theft is a real concern as the loss of a vehicle for any length of time can impact heavily on your business not just financially but in terms of productivity. At Simplytrak we offer two great security features. Our Driver ID helps prevent the chances of a theft occurring and our immobilisation feature allows you to stop a stolen vehicle being used and aids recovery.

Cars keys in the ignition

Driver ID

With a unique Driver ID key fob you will always know who is driving any vehicle. The driver must put a Driver ID key fob to a reader in the vehicle before the engine can be started. This also allows reporting by driver even though they may use different vehicles at different times. This makes it much easier and more accurate for fleet managers to monitor timesheets and identify the team member should there be any disputes.


In the event that a vehicle from your fleet is stolen, the Simplytrak immobilisation feature is an effective tool to provide you with extra protection and minimise disruption. The simple to use immobilisation feature increases the chances of finding and recovering your vehicle fast. Once recovered or safe, the immobilisation feature is disabled again allowing the vehicle to be driven again by authorised personnel.

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