FORS: Safer and smarter

What is FORS?

FORS stands for Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. It is a voluntary accreditation scheme aiming to raise the quality level within fleet operations. The scheme makes sure companies manage their work-related road risk – exceeding the industry standard.

What are the benefits for fleet operators?

Being accredited helps transform a business by helping them stand out from the crowd. Through the accreditation process fleets improve road safety, increase environmental awareness by reducing fuel emissions and improve fuel efficiency. FORS helps operators remain compliant with the latest regulations and gain greater industry intelligence through insights and networking opportunities.

How can operators gain accreditation?

Operators can gain a bronze accreditation by showing good business practice and complying with FORS standard requirements. To achieve silver accreditation, operators must maintain a bronze accreditation and fleets must be compliant with the Standard for Construction Logistics.

What can fleet operators do to gain Gold accreditation? 

To achieve a gold accreditation, operators must perform best industry practice measures and demonstrate meaningful improvements against the baseline data gathered for a silver accreditation.

How can FORS boost fleet efficiency?

Recorded data is key for operators to perform and identify key areas of improvements in fleet efficiency. Members can use FORS fleet management tools to help collate data on fuel consumption, emissions and fleet incidents all of which can help to understand where chances in efficiency can be made.

How can telematics services, such as Simplytrak’s, help operators gain and maintain FORS accreditation? 

Simplytrak’s tracking platform is a major asset to any new or existing member of FORS, using modern algorithms to accurately calculate fuel usage, emissions, collision reports, vehicle operation hours and video footage from our witness cameras.

All play a vital role in the progress from Bronze to Gold. Our data logging servers are cloud based ensuring any historical vehicle data will always be at hand.

Simplytrak can tailor any of our packages to suit your fleets needs. We offer a variety of extras such as temperature probes, fluid level sensors, driver ID interfaces plus many more.


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