Advanced GPS Satellite Navigation

Garmin 2529LMT-D

Garmin devices are intuitive and user friendly, providing accurate route planning and navigation and a realistic ETA.

Bright Display

Garmin 2529LMT-D has a bright 5.0-inch display with pinch-to-zoom capability, so you can quickly get a closer look at any onscreen information. Dual-orientation allows you to use Garmin 2529LMT-D either horizontally or vertically.

Detailed Maps with Free Updates

Garmin 2529LMT-D arrives loaded with detailed maps of the U.K. and Ireland. With free lifetime map updates, your routes are sure to reflect the most up-to-date maps, points of interest (POI) and navigation information available. New maps are available for download for the useful life of your GPS device, with no fees.

Intelligent Fleet management

messages tab on the simplytrak system

Combining Simplytrak’s advanced tracking solution with Garmin’s cutting edge Satellite Navigation device provides you with unrivalled fleet management tools. Communicate with your fleet from your office desktop via our web-based system. Send text and order messages and receive replies and pre-set acknowledgements, allowing you to keep up to date with order and delivery status. Your drivers can navigate safely with no need to use mobile phones.

Click anywhere on the map to send your chosen vehicle there. Your fleet will use the fastest possible route and will be kept up to date with traffic alerts and delays allowing a quick re-route to ensure your drivers arrive on time.

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