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Bespoke Worldwide Telematics Solutions

Simplytrak have a dedicated team of software and hardware integrators that address the requirements of our more niche and specialist clientele. A selection of our bespoke solutions include:

  • Fuel level monitoring on trucks.
  • The creation of copper theft alert systems for railways.
  • Remote monitoring of oil pipelines across desert regions in Africa.
  • Tracking of eco-friendly bicycles and green vehicles for the NHS.
  • Alerting of exceeding remote area speed limits in open cast mines in Zambia.
  • GPS Iridium tracking systems for desert areas of Saudi Arabia.

We have developed solutions for all requirements brought to us, operating in temperatures exceeding 50 degrees in Iraq and down below -40 degrees in Russia; our solutions have been rigorously tested to extremes with success.

Whatever your bespoke monitoring requirement, there is a good chance that we either have a solution or that we can develop one for you. Contact us by selecting the contact form below.

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