Simplytrak’s advanced immobilisation feature ensures stolen vehicles are recovered for national van rental franchise

Last year Simplytrak were chosen as the sole supplier for Practical Car & Van Rental New Milton after successful trials of the unique vehicle tracking with immobilisation solution. The solution allows customers to immobilise any vehicle that has been stolen or misused and greatly increases the chance of rapid recovery.

Unfortunately, vehicle theft has occurred three times recently for the car and van hire company. Fortunately, the Simplytrak system has played a key part in locating and recovering the stolen vehicles on each occasion. Having recently installed the trackers on to their entire fleet, the company were able to immobilise each van immediately and mitigate their risk.

Practical New Milton could easily identify, through the Simplytrak system, the location of the stolen vehicle and pass the location on to the police. They police used the information to be swiftly at the scene of the stolen vehicles having been notified of their location. The vehicles were then recovered for the company. This was only possible through the effective use of the Simplytrak system. Once found it was an instant and remote process to remobilise the vehicles again.

The Simplytrak solution exceeds the expectations of many customers with its advanced features (part of a standard offering) and delivers many efficiencies to their businesses. The system uses turn-by-turn tracking, with a minimum of 60 second update, as standard. This ensures that the location is extremely precise and journey replays follow the roads perfectly. This is as ideal for locating a vehicle hastily if it is stolen, as it is for recording accurate mileage and fuel usage.

Practical Car & Van Rental of New Milton first contacted Simplytrak because they were looking to find a solution that did not rely on the authorities to find stolen vans. The immobilisation features fitted the requirement to a tee.

Jon Wakefield Managing Director at Practical Car & Van Rental of New Milton commented,

“We are extremely pleased that we are able to immobilise our vehicles, meaning that in circumstances like this locating and recovering is a quick and straightforward process. We chose the Simplytrak system with the immobilisation feature and the smooth resolution to the incidents highlights that we made the right decision.”

The case at Practical New Milton demonstrates a dramatic saving made to the customer of both time and expense by utilising the features of the Simplytrak system. Downtime and disruption compounding the actual theft itself.

Simplytrak CEO Andrew Johnson added,

“Although we always hope that events like this don’t occur, if they unfortunately do we are glad to hear that our solution has offered our customer a successful outcome. In this particular incident, we were able to immobile the vehicles for Practical Car & Van Rental New Milton to ensure that the vehicles could be located and recovered quickly. They also have this feature themselves so they don’t even need us to be involved each time.”

To learn more about how vehicle tracking and immobilisation can improve the management of your company or rental fleet please contact Ian Wood our Business Development Manager at E: or on T: 01430879197.